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Reviewed By Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite

Karma: The Force of Justice by Carolyn van Dijk is a charming fantasy told in a flowing, smooth prose. Each and every character of this story is made memorable by their own individualistic contribution to the plot, which is maintained until the end.

6 MORE TIPS FOR INDIE WRITERS: Handling Thoughts and Dialog

Marcha's Two-Cents Worth


Even though you’ve read dozens or even hundreds of novels, when you sit down to start writing one yourself you’ll occasionally hit a wall and wonder how it’s done. Here are a few common areas related to capturing thoughts and dialog that writers may not find intuitively obvious:

  1. When a character speaks long enough for it to occupy more than one paragraph without any sort of interruption, including he said, the beginning of the statement has a quotation mark but it doesn’t end with one until the speech ends. This shows the reader that it’s the same person continuing to speak. When he’s done, then you close it out with a quotation mark.
  2. A spoken sentence contained within quotes ends with a comma, not a period, provided you’re going to add he or she said at the end; otherwise use a period. If it’s a question you obviously use a…

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Book Signing

I have scheduled my first book signing! I will be at the Coles store in Lynden Park Mall in Brantford on June 13 from 1-4 p.m. Please come and see me. Purchase a book and I will sign it for you. Thanks.


Quote from “The Hidden Stories in Grandma’s Attic”.


He put the latest key in the key hole. This one fit so he turned it clockwise, and was rewarded with a click. He had to turn the key a little harder to completely unlock the door. The door came ajar and he grasped the edge of it and pulled it open slowly. He stepped aside for Gloria to see inside too. She was already upon his shoulder. She turned on the flashlight and shone it into the dark room. It smelled stale and the small beacon of the flashlight only illuminated a limited area at a time.

Gloria could feel a shiver run through her. She had watched many movies where the monster or killer jumped out quickly from the dark corners. She was clinging to Samuel’s shoulder and felt him move slightly forward.

“Do you want me to go first? I know they say ‘ladies first’ and I know it is your find, but I think it is the gentlemanly thing to go in there first.” Samuel said.

“Yes, please.” Gloria nudged him.

“Hey, don’t push.” He laughed. “Why are we so nervous, anyway?”

“Well, I know I have watched too many scary movies. What about your excuse?” Gloria asked.

“Same thing I guess. Really, what could possibly be in there?”

Tangible paper backs.

eBooks are cool and it’s kinda fun turning the pages, not to mention that you can carry hundreds of books with you with no added weight to your device. But there is nothing like holding your own book in your hands. They have arrived, 285 copies of the first book I have written. Will that excitement wane once my fourth book is published? I hope not.

Eight boxes were delivered Friday and are now stacked in my bedroom closet. To add to the pile, I ordered 1000 book marks to use as business cards. I wasn’t going to take the chance on storing them in the basement, you know how things get a little damp down there.

My Baby

Well, the day has come, it was over one year in the making. My book is out, and available for purchase.

I have found the book on sites such as:

iUniverse; Chapters-indigo; Kobo; Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Please consider buying a copy.

I am waiting for the printed copy to touch my hands. Purolator is bringing it from Indiana



Post Production

My manuscript has gone to the printers! Finally, after signing up with iUniverse just slightly over a year ago, the time is near when I will actually hold my book in my hands.

I hope I don’t let any one down who has been waiting for this day too. I personally have gotten sick of the book, reading it over and over with each edit that was done and then needed approving. Content Edit, Developmental Edit, Proofing…

It will be available at and Barnes and and I will have signings at local bookstores and hopefully at work, (Brantford General Hospital) if they approve. The publisher has priced it at $15.95 U.S. and the eBook will be $3.99.

I have chosen a local company to print bookmarks to work as business cards for me. A 2″x8″ glossy, full colour copy of the book cover and information on the back.

Design proofs.

scales of justice

Today I had the enjoyable task of proofing the design of the book jacket for my novel. Front, spine and back, all on one template. I think it looks great. Inside, the designer used the scales of justice on the page of each new chapter; behind the number of the chapter. This takes up about half the page. The spine is half red and then the title, and then my name smaller to the right.

I began writing this book a year ago this month (except for the first page about 2 1/2 years ago). Editing started in September and now, finally we are getting to the gusto. I am learning how to ‘Brand’ myself and write my Press Release. UGH. However, another fun task today was pricing bookmarks to use as business cards for marketing.