Marketing is the newest thought on my mind lately, in regards to my book, that is.

“How will people hear about my book?”

“Where will they find it?”.

There are many possibilities. Word Press of course is one way, but hey, the book isn’t even printed yet. Developmental edit takes a long time. Well, weeks. It only seems like a long time.

Facebook was my first stab at advertising, but it has only reached a small corner of the world so far.

I have imagined what the cover of my book will look like; Gothic symbols, gargoyles (when you read the book you will understand the concept of the gargoyles). A beautiful brunette woman, held by a handsome man who is absent of a shirt, ok, stop it, that has been over done. Ha Ha. The Karma symbol, weigh scales… Purples, blacks… We’ll  see!

Anyway, it will all fall into place.

I am looking into having bookmarks printed, I’ve even considered printing them myself. With an image of the cover of my book on it.  Now I just have to figure out how to scatter them to the wind….


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