I just submitted my revised manuscript; making most of the recommended changes suggested by the editor.

I even caught a couple of mistakes that HE missed. For instance: I named someone before and after a quote with two different names. Plus I had the main character pick up drive thru when she had already been invited out to dinner. No biggie. LOL

Funny how the first editor said my protagonist was too mean and the second editor told me to have the character kill people off. Hmmm woman vs. man? I know the second editor was a man.

I feel good about my revisions. I did not however, agree with everything he suggested, because at times I don’t think he understood what I was trying to get across. So instead of changing the writing, I clarified it.

I did write the lovemaking scene in more detail as he requested, but when I woke in the morning, the first thing I thought was to delete it. It is not a porn novel and I wanted it to be classy not trashy. Plus my mother might read my book. LOL

So, now for the second stage of Developmental Edit: Content Edit. Which consists of watching for point of view, transitions and inappropriate tense.  But I think the previous editor already did that and I did correct those things. Phew, done!


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