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Happily, she bounded up the stairs, thrilled to be going dancing. I know just what I’m going to wear. She remembered a flowing, colourful dress that she had bought when she and Jill had gone shopping during her last visit there. She reached into the closet and brought the hanger out, draped with the dark purple dress. She hung the hanger on the hook of her closet door and admired the shimmery dress. She began undressing and tossed her pink T-shirt and jeans on the chair in the corner. She removed her bra, tossed it with the shirt and jeans and opened a drawer to find her beige strapless bra to wear with the strapless dress.

She heard the creak of a floorboard in the hallway. Peter must have forgotten something. But fear caused her to cross her arms over her bare breasts. A face appeared in the doorway, it wasn’t Peter. Carmen gasped and froze.

“Nice, very nice! I arrived at just the right time.” The tall, lanky, fiftyish, man with a moustache said. “Don’t cover up on my account.” He said as he reached for her. “I did just come here to kill you, but I guess we could have a little fun first.” He added.

Carmen pushed him away, using her arms and her mind.

“Ah, Oui, you’ve got some spunk eh?” He said with his French accent.

“LeClair!” She blurted out.

“Oui. You are right. I guess you should have left me blind, eh?”

“That can be arranged.” She threw up her arms and flung her fingers toward his face.

LeClair was instantly blinded. But that didn’t stop him. He lunged at her again.

Carmen used more force and he fell against the corner of the dresser. She heard another creak in the hallway. Oh no, not another one. I don’t know if I can fight off two of them. But it was a woman, she had a gun. But then a familiar woman followed her into the bedroom.


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