Quote from “The Hidden Stories in Grandma’s Attic”.


He put the latest key in the key hole. This one fit so he turned it clockwise, and was rewarded with a click. He had to turn the key a little harder to completely unlock the door. The door came ajar and he grasped the edge of it and pulled it open slowly. He stepped aside for Gloria to see inside too. She was already upon his shoulder. She turned on the flashlight and shone it into the dark room. It smelled stale and the small beacon of the flashlight only illuminated a limited area at a time.

Gloria could feel a shiver run through her. She had watched many movies where the monster or killer jumped out quickly from the dark corners. She was clinging to Samuel’s shoulder and felt him move slightly forward.

“Do you want me to go first? I know they say ‘ladies first’ and I know it is your find, but I think it is the gentlemanly thing to go in there first.” Samuel said.

“Yes, please.” Gloria nudged him.

“Hey, don’t push.” He laughed. “Why are we so nervous, anyway?”

“Well, I know I have watched too many scary movies. What about your excuse?” Gloria asked.

“Same thing I guess. Really, what could possibly be in there?”

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