quote from my book


She sat in the dark, a half-moon above her. A few clouds occasionally crossing in front of it, leaving the cool night even darker. Below her shone the lights of the busy city.

She sat watching over her city, beside the ugliest gargoyle, that she had named Ralph. He reminded her of her grade one teacher, ugly, mean, and jealous of her intelligence. She realized then that she was different. She had been tempted a couple times to use her ability to get back at Mr. Butler but she had been raised with good ethics and had vowed as she matured, that she would only use her gift for good.

But, even though Ralph reminded her of a person that she didn’t have fond memories of, she liked him, and sat beside him most of the times when she wanted to over-see things.

Well I’d better go home and go to bed, she thought. She floated down slowly into an alley beside the old bank adorned by Ralph the gargoyle, where she would less likely be seen by anyone.

Back on street level, she saw a man kick a poor stray dog that was rummaging for something to eat. It angered her how cruel some people could be. So, the puddle on the side of the street seemed to give her the perfect opportunity. She willed the large truck to veer just close enough to the curb to splash water over the dog-kicking man. A tinge of guilt came over her as the man shook his coat to remove the excess water. Oh well at least I didn’t hit him with the truck. 

What goes around comes around.


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